To do

During at OKBQA 3.5, we achieve many things such as pipelining, testing, and modifying all modules

so that it is possible to run all workflow for English/Korean question answering. (FINALLY)

And also we figure out remaining tasks to improve OKBQA platform.

1. Templator

At this time, Templator works for English and Korean. However, RULEs to generate pseudo-query should be complemented. We believe that good RULEs would improve overall performance of (our/your own) QA system.

    • Develop the web service to add/edit exist RULEs or use your own RULEs for the OKBQA platform

    • Create good RULEs for English/Korean to generate suitable pseudo-query for QA.

2. Disambiguator

At this time, Templator works for English only. And Disambiguator currently depends on the web service AGDISTIS. So we should run it on OKBQA server to managing efficiently.

Of course, Disambiguator for Korean should be developed also. We figure out that the required modules are NER web service and Wrapper. AGDISTIS for Korean is currently provided as web service now.

    • Install AGDISTIS at OKBQA server and launch it as web service

    • For Korean Disambiguator, these are should be developed

      • NER webservice, referring I/O of FOX

      • Wrapper, to make pipeline for Templator and Diambiguator

        • (comment: maybe existing Wrapper for English would works for Korean also. we need test it)

3. Improving QA speed

    • Especially, QA speed is depends on the number of SPARQL queries (for the QA recall, a lot of SPARQL queries is generated). At this time we can configure the number of possible answers in controller, however QA speed is obstacle currently.

4. Server maintenance

    • For shut down problem of server or web service, OKBQA server should provide start-up process for each modules

      • we can consider: init.d, upstart, or systemd

    • DBpedia service could be shut down. Linked data KB should be stored at the OKBQA server to provide SPARQL endpoint.

(written by Younggyun Hahm, If you have other suggestion, please contact me: