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Theme 1. General QA system

  • To explore state of the art resources for general QA system:
    • Template generation (Christina Unger)
    • Agnostic disambiguation of named entities (Axel Ngonga)
    • Distributional semantics (André Freitas)
    • Flexible graph matching (Jin-Dong Kim)
  • To seek integration of the state-of-the-art resources
    • Within the OKBQA framework, which was drafted in OKBQA 1 and initially implemented in OKBQA 2.
    • This time, we will seek a more robust and efficient integration.
  • To evaluate the integrated QA system
    • In the end of OKBQA2, the initial implementation of OKBQA framework was minimally evaluated.
    • This time, we will seek a more proper and full range of evaluation (quantitative evaluation).
  • The final output will consists of
    • an integrated QA system based on the OKBQA framework, and
    • working implementation of the components,
    • which will become publicly available, and integratable to other systems.

Theme 2. Biomedical Application

  • To explore applicability of the QA system for a practical use.
    • Biomedical domain is an area of rich knowledge base.
  • The QA system will be qualitatively evaluated with involvement of domain experts.
  • Necessary data sets needs to be prepared in advance.
  • A minimal set of sample queries needs to be prepared in advance.